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The loofah is a natural vegetable sponge that has been used for a very long time in many African countries and throughout the world for skin care, but also for housekeeping.

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• Vegetable sponge Loofah
• 100% Natural
• Harvested from our plantation 🇨🇬
• Vegan
• Biodegradable
• No dyes, no synthetic products


• Exfoliating
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Softens the horn of the feet
• Clean and tones the skin


• Universal use: Face, body, hair, dishes, home
• Suitable for all skin types (refrain from using it on
chronic skin diseases and open wounds or small scratches).


At the first use, it is recommended to soak the loofah in warm water for 20 minutes to make it completely soft.
• Rub your Saboni natural soap on the sponge
• Cleanse your body using circular movement while applying medium pressure
• When using it on the face, it is recommended to use a lighter pressure than for the rest of the body
• Rinse with fresh or lukewarm water
• Use it once a week or more

Loofah Keeping

• Rinse the Loofah thoroughly with clean water after each use
• Then hang it up to dry (preferably outside the bathroom)
• Leave it in a mixture of water and vinegar for 5 to 10 minutes and dry it (it is reasonable to do this from time to time)
• Do not share it with your family members, the Loofah is for personal use
• Change your sponge regularly

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