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At Saboni

We consider it essential to share our knowledge and products with the masses. Through our community projects, we wish to promote access to ecological, hygienic products in rural areas, where they are quite difficult to find.

In December of 2019, In collaboration with the NGO SPAC, we launched a community project in Mbomo, a village in the Department of Cuvette-Ouest, located in the northern part of the Republic of Congo.

In total, during this first intervention in the village:

Over 270 Saboni antiseptic soap bars were donated

6 schools benefited from Saboni soap donations

Over 100 people, including villagers and the staff of Odzala Discovery Camps, participated in the ‘How to make soap’ and ‘The importance of hygiene’ workshops

Soap-making tool sets were also offered by Saboni (buckets, molds, sticks etc)

In order to simplify the soap-making process, we have adapted our recipe to the ingredients we could find locally in the village. Therefore, in contrast to the Saboni soaps made in Pointe-Noire, these soaps are made with the following ingredients: water, caustic soda and palm oil.

Caustic soda is now commercialized in this remote area, where water and palm oil are easily acquired.

The impact of our community intervention is three-fold:


The soaps are free of harmful chemicals, which ensures the preservation of nature in rural areas.


Following our visit, cases of scabies decreased in the area, and we also received excellent feedback about the usage of our products.


Soap-making could help villagers to launch a small business or simply make natural soap for their households.

Other donations and workshops are planned in the district of Mbomo and in other rural areas to allow more Congolese people to have access to this essential resource.

In Pointe Noire, where we are located, we regularly make donations of Saboni soaps to the less fortunates through associations and orphanages such as Samu Social, l’Aslav and CAM.

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