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The Plantation

In order to make good cosmetic products, it is important to use high-quality raw materials, to control them and to have good traceability. This is the reason we have decided to cultivate our own plantation.

Our plantation spreads over 1500m2. It holds over 400 exploitable aloe vera plants, over 2000 in nursery, and around 30 moringa trees. This plantation surrounds our production facility, which allows us to always keep an eye on our plants and to use freshly-picked products according to our needs.

We also cultivate our own loofahs (biodegradable natural sponge) which can be used for the body, dishes etc.

We respect the environment

In order to respect the environment and always with a focus on the quality of our products, it is important to mention that we do not use any pesticides or any other chemical compound on our plantation.

Instead, we use chicken manure purchased from a local farm, and we also have sheep and goats on the land that eat the weeds and enrich the soil with their excrement.

In an effort to always renew ourselves, we are constantly looking for new plants to exploit. Therefore, we also have some other kinds of plants in our plantation such as fake Patchouli (Mutuzo), Dartier (Cassia Alata), Kinkeliba, Ylang Ylang, etc.

100% natural and
Made in Congo

Aloe Vera Soap

2.000 CFA – 2.500 CFA

Soap Flakes

4.000 CFA – 7.500 CFA