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Who are we ?

Saboni is an artisanal and family business.
Behind this project are a young couple : Fred Degy, of Franco-Congolese descent, and his Brazilian partner Maria.

“When we came to live in Congo in late 2016, we were lucky to happen upon some aloe vera soap made a couple of years earlier by Regine, Fred’s aunt. Our daily usage of the soap and its benefits made us fall in love with natural cosmetics.” -Maria

As the stock of soap runs out, in March of 2017 we decide to collect some aloe vera plants and ask Fred’s mother to pass on the knowledge that was passed on to her by her sister before her departure to the United States.

This is how we start making our soaps, first intended for our personal use, then for our family and friends. Due to the interest aroused in our entourage and a growing demand, it is in November of 2018 that we decide to invest 100% of our time and resources in this project by enlarging our plantation and building a 75m2 facility intended for the production of cosmetics.

Today, SABONI is an eco-friendly cosmetic brand that produces simple and high-quality products with a minimal impact on the environment.

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