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Our history

The family venture starts in 2009 under the name REGINA SOAP. It was during her holidays in France and after visiting a soap factory in l'Ile de Ré that the idea came to Regine Poaty.

Back to Congo, she conducts a market study and realises that there is a significant lack of natural and organic products in the country. Director of the association Justice and Peace, Regine has always placed herself in the service of others and decides then to produce quality natural soaps for the Congolese people.

The dynamic fifties contacts a professor from Marien Ngouabi University in Brazzaville in order to organise a training on soap making for a group of women.

Thereafter, she formulates her own recipe and starts making Aloe Vera and Moringa soaps, which she first offers to her relatives. Word-of-mouth spreads very quickly, obligating her to increase her production in order to supply the growing demand from her acquaintances, who become her first customers.

However, in 2015, Regine moves to the United States and unfortunately has to put her project on hold.

It is in March of 2017, that Fred Degy and his partner Maria Gomes decide to take over the project in order to continue the development of the family business. The couple take over the plantation and production of aloe vera soap initially, later developing the moringa version.
The brand SABONI was born!